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shirt speak + mr monocle

got bored and created shirt speak. what is "shirt speak" you ask? why it's this crazy character that speaks via his shirt! example:

now i admit this isn't the most creative idea. it's rather silly. maybe it'll help my creativity. probably not... if you want to make your own shirt speak download this

"something went horribly wrong here"

"je m'appelle m. moustache"

"my knees are swollen"

"yes, i would like some butter with my tea, thx u"

"so, you don't want to disco?"

wacom dance!

yes, it's been a long long time... now have a wacom! really liking the feel of using a pen shaped instrument as opposed to a mouse. really simplifies things (and makes them more annoying...), but definitely good.

can trace (looks better smaller like my dp)

and a little doodle for those in school and are facing the crunch


just ordered some shirts from threadless! i'm a little slow on this one, but they have this cool community where you get points and use it as money! i have 2 points now, teehee, now make me have more by going to http://www.threadless.com/?streetteam=esmon8 . do it... i'd do it to you if you did it to me. :P


so, i found out from a coworker yesterday about how on the simpsons movie site, you can create your own avatar. let's just say i might have gotten a little hooked. name the characters!

click to enlarge

hmm, lj?

new, new, new, new! GO LIVE! HEAD ON! i'm talking about the new moves! i'm talking about the new look! i'm talking about my site! link (shelter your eyes, maybe?). thank you g for the php help.

August 27 to September 01, Greg (he does photography) and i are having an art exhibit at the Art Exhange. it's my first non-musical show in a long time! it's not some school thing where i get a drawing and/or painting displayed. it's an actual full on art show! i'm a bit nervous... if you live in London, ON or near London, please come check it out.

other than the art show and new site design. there isn't anything new. only that i have become a gigantic vinyl whore/addict! i love records. i miss my Goldorak vinyls.

few updates...

noticeably, my lj has a new layout/colours. shame, i'm a lowly "basic account" and i can't do much with colours, images, etc... so, i'm gonna start working on a new site for myself with the limited free hosting my buddy wicket has given me.

you, my 3 readers, have been doing more promotion for my upcoming show at Keaton's than i have! thank you. for those of you who happen to be reading this... the show, again, is April 21st with Minisystem and Prhizzm. if you're interested in hearing some live electronica/idm/breaks/music made with computers, please come out! we're still working out some little details for said night, but i assume it all starts at 9pm. these things usually do... i will mass email everyone with details once they have been finalized.

here are two sample tracks (unfinished) that you can expect to hear that night. sample1. sample2


pt01! pt01! pt01!

this thing is so compact and light! the sound... oh man, i had forgotten what vinyl sounded like. i have been listening to mp3s for so long that i had forgotten the warmth vinyl gives. it almost became a myth to me. it's so warm! i love it! yes, this will create more snobbery. haha

i can barely contain my excitement! ok, maybe i can*... but now i can play all my vinyls without the hassle i had with my old turntable! yey!

there have only been 3 immediate problems.

1. paying duties (wtf?)

2. i could really use a bigger room (soon) to re-adjust how i have my desktop, desk, laptop, mixer, receiver speakers, night table, and pt01 setup. or i could use better space management.

3. turntables always emit audio out of itself very quietly. i know this thing has a built in speaker, but it's not that. the problem with this is that it may be too loud for my mom to sleep during the day, but i dont think it's going to be a problem.

now i have to stop the habit of trying to turn winamp down/off...

*yes, i know that kid is everywhere, but he's crazy!


yey, i passed and they offer me a chance to get a scholarship! it feels weird having the opportunity to free money... and now i wait... wait for that pt01 to arrive and to become older. only one more day after today...

the music i'm listening to is too big to put in that little box. so, i'm putting it here.

venetian snares - a giant alien force more violent and sick than anything you can imagine

yey audio-ness

So, that music gig i was talking about 2 posts ago is now go! April 21st at Keaton's with Minisystem (site currently down?) and Prhizzm. i'll most likely open and dj between sets.

also, another music possibility. Ian (the man who helped put that show together) has hinted tonight when i saw him at Keaton's tonight that he's trying to get more dj's in. that's creepily good timing! i just ordered the pt01! now i can dj with the pt01 and my laptop. this sounds like it's going to be fun!

thank you Ian!

good and bad

good: i got that vsnare vinyl i order!

bad: broke my turntable. not badly. i noticed the problem i was having with it was the jacks, so i decided to do a bit of tinkering. tinkering didn't work out well. oh well, now i can actually see about converting the whole thing into a wooden case with possibly a wooden tonearm?

however, i've been really wanting to get at pt01. it could be really handy and amazon sells it for 97CAD, which is pretty cheap for a turntable and it's tempting me to buy it!

video to what i am listen to

update for those not so update

Where to begin? going backwards.

Wrote GED test on the weekend. my brain is finally unmushing itself. man, fri, 5:30-9:30pm reading and writing/essay, plus an ultra annoying bus ride from Fanshawe while my discman is on the fritz... sleep from 1:30-4am. woke up thinking i had completely messed up my essay. couldn't get back to sleep. return to Fanshawe, 8am-2pm, math, social sci., science and then spent the rest of the day and night with Anne...

Plans are in motion for a music show at Keaton's in April. more details when they get worked out.

And, another show... of the visual kind. possibly an art show with Greg at the Art Exchange in August, hopefully.

I hope i get that vinyl i ordered, today! i love vinyl! speaking of vinyl. i must own Amon Tobin's new album Foley Room. the leaked mp3s are awsome! i should really invest in a better turn table (or 2) or, make my own! like Altmann! i'd probably be better off starting smaller by taking my already crappy turn table apart and re-casing in wood, re-wiring and building some parts, like the tonearm for a more natural sound, instead of plastic.

And to finish it all. my month approaches! it's my month! nobody else's! i dont care if you were born in February, as well. it's mine! it's not even a full month. at least let me have it all to myself. you can have the rest of the year... gonna be two years shy of a quarter of a century...

popcorn. Spanish popcorn folder

hourly comic is back

Anne just pointed this out to me. http://hourly.stereotypist.com/hourlycomicday.html it's back. i might do another one... anyone else? my 3-4 readers?

this is random, but i ordered venetian snares - rossz csillag allat született on vinyl yesterday! i can't wait to get it! sooooo good!

Angers deux

another panoramic of Angers. this time, from the other shore.

Angers deux

A view from Sacré Coeur

a panoramic view of Paris

A view from Sacré Coeur

'02 style. yeehaww

this dates back to xmas '02. a mash-up of random images taken during the '02 festivities at the Mosses. model with pressed ruler against forehead: pmoss



why wont this essay writting crap end? i'm so very tired of this... essays are everywhere! curse you Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, curse you...

so much work to do...

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